Sunday, July 12, 2015

New, More, Better...BULLSHIT!

No friends, this is not a photo of a happy and expectant crowd filing in to take their seats at a local high school football game. This is your southern border, and what these peons are doing is heading for a breach in the entirely inadequate wall a few hundred yards away. I'll bet you thought there wasn't a wall, well there is...somewhat. But if East Berlin had had a wall like this there would have been a McDonalds on the corner of Karl Marx Stra├če and Friedrich Engels Platz.

The fact is, as you already know, our borders are wide open. The politicians tell us we need "immigration reform". We MUST have it otherwise our hands are tied they tell us. We're dead in the water, we can't do anything, neither side will give in. Our system is broken and until we reach a compromise we are powerless.

What a crock of SHIT! We have everything we need in terms of laws, resources, E-Verify etc. including the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to do what needs to be done. What we don't have is an ok from the elites, and at the moment they're running the show.

Maybe Trump can change this dynamic. I admit to some apprehension, we've had the rug pulled out from under us before. But God Almighty, Trump is the first ray of sunshine (no cliche is EVER overused in Hammer-World) on this or just about any political issue in quite some time. Our party has abandoned us, maybe Trump can salvage something.

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