Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dems 2016: Don't Crown Hillary Just Yet

Bernie Sanders continues to speak to large crowds while his numbers rise in key primary states.  Jim Webb has entered the race in an effort to see if there are any centrist Democrats left in the Party.  But the real news is the increasing possibility that Vice President Joe Biden will enter the race.  Uncle Joe is a Presidential historical farce (left 1988 race in disgrace, got 1% in Iowa in 2008) but his loyal service as Vice President, his icon status as the man who pushed Barack Obama forward on gay marriage, and the sentiment generated by his son's all to early recent death--not to mention the fact that he IS the Vice President and it would be terribly difficult for Mr. Obama to endorse either him or Hillary--all add up to a candidacy that spells trouble for Hillary's campaign of destiny.

Lets face it.  Bernie dragging Hillary to the left, Webb beating her up from the right, and the prospect of the VP actually attacking her on policy issues---this is absolutely the best that we can hope for, as our own platoon of dwarfs undertakes the GOP circular firing squad for a few months as a way of delaying the inevitable victory of Bush, Rubio, or Walker.

Hillary's coronation was never a good thing for Republicans--I realize a good campaign helps temper a candidate's steel, and many Republicans thought that Hillary's lack of competition would leave her soft and unprepared for the general--but the plain truth is that with Hillary's money and the sycophantic mewling of the Press on her side, she would be in an enviable position in the Summer of 2016 if she faced little competition in the primaries.  Let Joe, and Jim, and Bernie (I do not consider Martin O'Malley a serious candidate) beat HER up for a few months, let some of the blood be drawn by HER own friends, let internecine battles use up some of HER resources--and the GOP will ultimately be in a better position to win.


"The Hammer" said...

Don't count out O'Malley just yet. He's still building his organization plus he's still the best candidate in the bunch. He is the guy I fear most.

LL said...

The Democrats smell blood in the water.

Hillary couldn't beat Barack -- and I think that your analysis is spot on. Biden will enter the race with name recognition and enough White House time to speak to both policy and to Hillary's incompetence in office. Webb will be the voice of reason and both Sanders and O'Malley will chide the old crone for not being a better socialist.

TigerHawk said...

Dunno. Hillary is not just any lame candidate. She is a Clinton, which means that she has at her disposal the most formidable political machine in the country right now. Even if the press wanted to make it a horse race on the left (and they might, notwithstanding their apparent willingness to put up with just about any indignity the Clinton campaign throws at them), it would take a miracle to beat her in the end. Now, she did lose in 2008, but Barack Obama is a helluva candidate, especially if you are a Democratic primary voter. I'm not sure any of the current crowd has anything like his capacity. Maybe O'Malley based on Hammer's testimony -- I admit I know nothing about him.

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