Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love is NOT an Option

As I'm sure you know, our crack team of hard-nosed US negotiators led by Secretary of State John Kerry and some ponce with a bad 70s haircut have cut a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now I've been hearing some details on the radio but I really don't need to hear any. The only deal worth having with a criminal regime like this is what's it going to take for them to GIVE UP the idea of nuclear weapons immediately, now and forever. Anything short of that is a waste of time.

Now I've heard the same old BS about how they will like us now and how we have some basis for dialogue and this is just the beginning. You know, the same old painfully twisted logic and deluded thinking we got from liberals back during the days of the Soviet Union. Of course it was crap then and it's crap now. The only difference is no deal we ever made with the Russkies ever came close this POS.

What is Obama thinking, Iran can be turned? He thinks they will be our "regional partner" against ISIS etc. and eventually we'll all be bosom buddies and the world will marvel at the vision and wisdom of BARACK OBAMA: THE MAN WHO SAVED MANKIND? Is he crazy or just an amateurish incompetent with legacy issues? I've read that Obama's nickname inside his campaign in '08 was Jesus due to his obvious messianic complex. I believe it. Only a lunatic would go for a deal like this.

But let me just digress a second. A few hundred years ago Machiavelli answered this question about what is best, being feared or loved? He said it's best to be both but if you can only have one it's better to be feared. You can fall in and out of love. You can decide to get a sex change in which case who and what you love will change. You can love Cherry Garcia this week and Chunky Monkey next week. Love can be fleeting, that's just the nature of the emotion. But fear, well that's a constant. No matter where you are no matter what you're doing, no matter how your life has changed for good, bad or whatever, you will always fear a gun to your head. If we wanted a productive outcome with Iran we needed a loaded gun, and be prepared to use it because love is NOT an option. Ironically Obama has GUARANTEED a war, the only question now is when and how many will die.

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LL said...

Amen, Hammer.

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