Monday, August 31, 2015

"Conservatism" is NOT Serving Conservatives!

Have Republicans suddenly gone stupid? They can read a poll. They know what Trump's candidacy is all about. They know what the base wants but yet they resist. Plus, oddly, much the same thing is going on on the Democrat side, but that's another post for another day.

So what's the end game here? A couple of months ago Jeb, (the quintessential establishment, monied, out-of-touch, disingenuous, elitist prick) was thrilled about Donald Trump. The thinking was he'll bloody the small fry while Jeb flies above the fray. WRONGO! Jeb might be the first out... and why? Because the people who control this party ain't the party. They might control most of the money but they don't control us.

There are already signs that a few of these candidates are starting to get it, IMMIGRATION is the key. They're still very tentative, this is the age of Obama after all, and they don't want a trumped up charge of racism to kill their candidacy. But it's encouraging that a couple have stuck their toe in the water. If their numbers go up look for every last one of them to try to "out wall" the other. Our goal is to SHUT DOWN THE BORDER COMPLETELY, impose a moratorium on ALL immigration for 10 years so as to "digest" the legal immigrants that have flooded the country for 20+ years as well as institute a visa system that TRACKS tourists and students etc. that are responsible for 40% of illegal immigration. Also to do away with "anchor babies" which any honest, thoughtful and reasonably intelligent person knows is not a Constitutional right.

So, don't be fooled by "conservatives". John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are "conservatives". They are of course false-flag progressives and the immigration issue is just smoking them out. So let's keep it up and we may just win this party back...and an election too!


TigerHawk said...

It will shock you that we are not far apart on this.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nor are we. Where we differ, and dramatically, is not the diagnosis, but the treatment.

TigerHawk said...

I don't think a ban on all immigration is feasible, but we definitely need a dramatic tightening. The core point is that our immigration policy needs to be calculated in the service of our national interest.

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