Sunday, August 9, 2015

This Is It!

Do you know why I like Donald Trump? I don't, but I think he is useful. My thinking is maybe, just maybe he can nail down some of these guys on immigration. The ONLY candidate apart from Trump to tell it like it is (and what we all know) was Ted Cruz when he said BOTH sides don't want to enforce our immigration laws, and unfortunately he hasn't a snowballs chance.

Everybody is running around screaming Washington is broken, it doesn't work. Well it's working for some-Goddamn-body, just not conservatives. If you happen to be a abortionist or a Wall Streeter or a welfare bum or a one-world government type then Washington is hitting on all cylinders. If you're a middle-class small business owner (especially one who runs a bakery or pizza joint) or a working woman or a disabled vet then Washington is an overgrown front yard full of vines and weeds with a lazy, beer-sodden husband wallowing on the couch watching pay-per-view porn in front of the kids.

What is it you guys don't get about this election? What is it you don't understand? There are no "issues" in this election except IMMIGRATION. That's it! Everything conservatives believe in, everything we hold dear, our values, our way of life, our Constitution, our future EVERYTHING will be gone if we don't immediately STOP ALL IMMIGRATION legal and otherwise.

For thirty years our country has been like a bad science fiction movie. Under our very noses we are being replaced, replaced by people who NEED GOVERNMENT. Most of these people do not share our respect for the rule of law coupled with an healthy suspicion of power. They don't share our respect for personal liberty or our belief in natural rights. They take advantage of our innate generosity and are ignorant/uncaring to the fact we are going broke. They are here to feed at the trough and will leave as soon as it's empty.  

I pledge to you this, I will not vote for any candidate that is not absolutely clear and unequivocal on building a wall, instituting eVerify, doing away with birth-right citizenship and all its perversions like anchor babies and maternity tourism along with stiff penalties for hiring illegals and an aggressive deportation policy. Trump is right, Mexico has been sending the worst criminals and their needy for the stupid gringos to take care of, and we need to bill Mexico.

If we fall for Rubio's "Well El-What'shisfuqingname will just build a tunnel" or Jeb's tired old bullshit about "We'll have them pay fines and learn english and stuff" then we are too stupid to vote. This is it! This is the ballgame, and whether the coming 100 years of Democrat rule starts this election or next doesn't really make a difference. We either get this done or it's over, WE LOSE.


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