Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cuba Libre

Remember this guy? Well I do, and fondly. But I can understand if you, different memories. The national media tried for nearly 30 years to "palenized" Jesse, and guess what? Jesse could have given a shit and the people of North Carolina loved him till the end. How could that be you ask? Because one might not agree with everything he did, but he had guts and said what he meant AND backed up what he said. Those qualities are in short supply these days, especially on our side of the aisle.

One of the things Jesse LOVED to do was rattle Castro's cage. You might recall the Helms-Burton Act. No? Well let me refresh your memory. The law (I repeat LAW!!!) provides a number of sanctions designed to bring about a peaceful transition to representative government in Cuba. It specifically prohibits the recognition of any "transitional" government that includes Fidel and Raul Castro and any members of the former regime including any foreign entities (you know, like displaced commies from the old Soviet Bloc). Now here's the kicker, it provides a legislative veto over unilateral Executive action to lift the embargo. In other words the President can't wave a magic wand and normalize relations with Cuba unless Congress agrees.

What's that? Haven't seen anything about this in our ever-so diligent media? Wow that's shocking...NOT! The fact is Obama's actions are illegal! The broader point is the damage being done to the balance of powers by McConnell and Boehner's refusal to stand up to this rouge President and protect their turf. It's not about them and it's not about politics, it's about the God-damned Constitution and their DUTY to preserve and protect and uphold their oath.

We are being led on one side by amateurs and on the other side by wimps, you decide which one is which. But do take a gander at Helms-Burton and see if you prefer it to Obama's policy. By the way, we'll be providing them with foreign aid up the ass no doubt but I wonder if the small issue of nationalized property will be considered? Of course it will, we're friends now.

Is there any doubt if Jesse were around this wouldn't have even been considered.


igor said...

Just found your blog, so let me hit you on form, not content: did you mean "rouge" president of "rogue"?

"The Hammer" said...

Yeah, my thoughts outrun my typing sometimes.

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