Sunday, August 9, 2015

So, Why the Dems?

Why are the Dems so hot and bothered about Trump? If you think the Republicans are having a hissy fit they're downright restrained compared to Democrats. Why would that be I wonder? As a conservative if the Democrats had some bat-shit crazy non-politician ruining their debutant ball I'd sit back and enjoy the show. But no so the Demo-rats. Why?

Simple, Trump's ascension can be attributed to one issue; IMMIGRATION. They know this is a very dangerous problem if it gains momentum. It cuts across party lines and ruins their plan to, as Ann Coulter said "Turn America into a Third World hellhole" with an electorate of highly needy and therefore reliable voters. They cannot allow that to happen, that's why they've made common cause with the Republican Party establishment. That's why we conservatives are fighting a two front war, one against the liberal establishment (with all it's tentacles) and one against our friends teeing off about now at The Firestone or perhaps Marlin fishing off St. Martin.

Keep your eye on the ball and keep up the pressure. Taking back our country will not get done unless we do it. It's now or never.

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The Conservative Wahoo said...

Key fallacy: the Dems LOVE Trump. They see him as ruinous to Republican chances and the best way to keep Hillary out of the news.

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