Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You're WHAT Kind of Republican?

Well, it seems some of our brilliant strategists in the Republican Party are demanding Donald Trump take a "loyalty oath" in order to be on the primary ballot in some states. Virginia and North Carolina (among others) are currently floating trial balloons to gage the reaction. It's not going well.

Jeb (among others) has been saying Trump is not a "real" Republican and certainly not a conservative with a "proven conservative record". Boy that's rich ain't it, coming from a Bush? Ok fine, let's examine our "big tent" party and see who's the "real" Republican.

In 2010, 2012 and 2014 we were promised...
Obamacare would be defunded. We got NOTHING!
Obamacare would be delayed. We got NOTHING!
The individual mandate would be delayed. We got NOTHING!
Congress and the Cabinet would be covered under Obamacare. We got NOTHING!
Deny certain types of birth control coverage. We got NOTHING!
Medicare would be means tested. We got NOTHING!
Government employee pension reform. We got NOTHING!
Defund Obama's executive amnesty. We got NOTHING!
An abortion ban past 20 weeks. We got NOTHING!

Will I go on? Plus according to the Washington Times the GOP is actually running ads against some members who actually took those promises seriously!

So, if these are our "real" Republicans you may count me among the politically homeless. But I ask you, has there ever been a political party so out of touch with their base? Forget winning or losing, how can a party even survive being the lapdog of the opposing party?

The Republican Party has some splanning to do, and whatever candidate eventually wins this nomination he or she has a lot of housecleaning at the top if they have even the remotest hope of winning. That's the issue isn't it, winning? McCain didn't want to win, Romney didn't have the balls to win and our current leadership isn't interested in winning. These people aren't "real" Republicans, they're real LOSERS! 


LL said...

they're real LOSERS!

I think that's what Donald Trump has been saying...which is why he's so far ahead of the pack in every state that's polling. People agree with him.

Many Republicans look at Jeb Bush and see Hillary Lite. (Hillary is kind of broad across the beam, so not that kind of light) I'm surprised that he is doing as well as he is.

Trump, Carson and Fiorina are the only three that seem to be viewed as viable by most Republicans...none of the Party Faithful. I think that it reinforces what you wrote about the view that the mainstream party apparatchiks and zampolits are not serving the people. They are serving lobbyists and other interests who are at odds with the voters who put them, and their group, in power.

"The Hammer" said...

Well said LL!
By the by, the NCGOP just blinked.

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