Saturday, August 22, 2015

Proud To Be One!

I just watched Bill O'Reilly (DVR-ed from Thursday night) spend nearly his whole show on how the Republican Party was in GREAT shape this presidential election cycle but is courting disaster due to extremists within the party talking all this 14th. Amendment nonsense. Nativist he calls us. That's an interesting word I haven't heard bandied around since the first time we got reamed with Simpson-Missoli. Is that the right word though? When I think of nativists I think of the Japanese for instance. You know, zero immigration, 99.9998 ethnic Japanese, no foreigner can own land, friendly but ultimately hostile to outsiders etc. Gosh I'm pretty sure I'm not that so what does the word actually mean?
the policy of protecting the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants.
the policy or practice of preserving or reviving an indigenous culture.

Ok, that sounds like me alright; protecting native inhabitants, preserving the culture. Holy Shit that is exactly me! So by extension if one isn't a nativist then one has little or no interest in protecting America from the abuses of illegal immigration. Is that a reasonable assumption? What would THAT person be called I wonder? A traitorous, seditious asshole maybe? A chump, a fool, a go along to get along company man? Gee I don't know,  all these descriptions sound so APPROPRIATE, I can't decide.

Getting back to Bill, I'm starting to get this FAUX NEWS stuff. I've rarely seen a more one sided presentation on any network. Most of the shows on Fox have at least ONE opposing voice, even Hannity who is much more partisan than O'Reilly. Not this one. Now I don't mean to say they don't play the old news show game of getting two, three, four guys on one side beating the hell out of one, lone, deer-in-the-headlights member of the opposition (the Sunday shows have done that since forever: Cokie what do you think? How 'bout you Sam? Ok George, give us your opinion...if you must. Great, sorry to cut you off George, Cokie and Sam, how fuqed up are George's views?). Anyway Bill had some Berkeley professor and an establishment guy tell us that we're all crazy, anchor babies are as American as apple pie and always have been.

I'm gonna try one last time to get through to you numbskulls, so bear with me. The concept of anchor babies is like a penniless bum going into a liquor store and chugging a bottle of MD 20/20. If he gets caught before he gets it all down he gets thrown out of the store and told never to return (which he may or may not do as there is little penalty for ignoring such a command). If he does kill the bottle in one go, he gets an unlimited gift card for all the booze he wants. Plus he can claim a gift card for not only his immediate family, but his extended family, and they in turn can get a gift card for anybody he might have missed. Now, considering booze ain't free and sooner or later the store's credit will run out, and the freeloaders have no interest in the store whatsoever as they have contributed nothing and can walk away at anytime with no negative repercussions of any kind, how long do you think the store will remain open? THAT my friends is our immigration system and no one is talking about it WITH CONVICTION other than Donald Trump.

Therefore, I proudly announce that I am indeed a NATIVIST, doing my best to keep others from giving away the store. Join me please, because if we don't win this fight RIGHT NOW we'll all end up with nothing.

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BangkokAl said...

The problem is your bringing a dictionary to a political fight. You shouldn't do that. The dictionary makes no mention of "illegal" as in "illegal immigrants". But you claim it does. Bad form.
I'm an American who was an immigrant. I bought land and took jobs and even went in the US Army. And you want a government that would go all nativist on me?
Good to know the face of your enemy, I guess.

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