Friday, August 28, 2015

On Anchor Babies

Jeb Bush got into a little trouble with the prone to fainting crowd this week in his embrace of the term "anchor babies".  I find nothing objectionable in it, and I am glad that he has not repudiated himself on its use.

This morning, I came across this headline on Twitter:  "Hate Label "Anchor Babies" enters 2016 Playground"  ,  and I nearly fell out of my chair.

There you have it friends.  "Anchor Babies" = "Nigger".   Why?  Well, because someone or some group finds it offensive, and they deem it "hate" speech.  Now I know that the story doesn't equate the two, and even mention the hateful word I used above (note: I do not use "N-word".  I am an adult.) But as soon as you begin to throw around the term "hate speech" you move quickly and invariably to the most hateful term of all, a term that DOES in fact have a great deal of meaningful negativity behind it--rather than the straightforward meaning of "anchor baby" which in absolutely no way, shape, or form denotes particular ethnicity.



LL said...

The politically correct contingent needs to find a more acceptable term to use for anchor babies. I was thinking about Moored Children. The term "mud hook" is also used denote an anchor but somehow, I expect that would be less politically acceptable than "anchor". An anchor is also at times, referred to as a "retarding device". What about that one, Hammer & CW?

Mudge said...

I never used the term "anchor baby" before; however, you can be certain that if I encounter a liberal (in Northern VA, swinging a dead cat comes in handy for finding one) I will make a point to utter the term in whatever context into which I can fit it. Screw the libs, screw PC. Screw #BLM. Screw them all. We're letting a particularly self-entitled group of non-contributors and the weak-kneed effete "intelligentsia" decide how, when and whether we can express ourselves.

Although....I just might take up LL on his thoughtful and well-proffered alternative to the hateful 'a-word baby' term--I believe the liberal squirm factor of mudhook baby might just qualify it for top billing in my "words to use with libs" listing.

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