Friday, August 7, 2015

July 2016 GOP Thought Experiment

Let's pretend it is July 2016, and the GOP convention is in two weeks.  Marco Rubio has locked up the nomination, and speculation abounds as to who he should pick as his running mate.

There are lots of options out there, but two are particularly intriguing.

The first is Carly Fiorina, who caught fire after the first debate (in which she was on the undercard), and turned it into a serious run that left her with the
second highest delegate total.

Another is Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who finished just behind Fiorina, but who recognized his path to victory was bleak early enough to exit the race and endorse Rubio.

Of these two--JUST THESE TWO--who would be the better choice to run as VP?

Is it Fiorina--for her business background, her policy preferences, and her gender?

Or Kasich, for his policy preferences and the big important state he represents?

Talk amongst yourselves....


Mark Gorenflo said...

Pick Kasich. He's ready to be President and he may (marginally) help in Ohio, a key battleground state. Fiorina is attractive, but she wasn't ready to be President of HP let alone the USA. Make her head of OMB with a mandate to cut through the thicket of regulation which unnecessarily hinders economic growth.

LL said...

Better put, should Kasich pick Rubio or Fiorino for VP?

TigerHawk said...

That is actually an excellent idea. I'd feel even better about a Kasich-Rubio ticket, though. One-term ethnic senators with the gift of gab and no other experience make me nervous...

"The Hammer" said...

To start with if I had to bet I'd say Rubio's turn will come down the line a ways, not now. He's very good, very talented and if he were a governor I'd say he had a great shot, but not now, not as a Senator.
Secondly, Kasich is unacceptable to the conservative wing of the party. Walker stood up to the unions in Wisconsin, Kasich folded. He's a big government Republican and this is not the year for it. So if you want to lose put Kasich on the ticket, and even if you win you'll lose.
Third, Fiorina is a great communicator and her positions are just right. If, and I don't think this is the case, if Hillary is the nominee we want Fiorina debating her, not some mayonnaise sandwich eating white boy. Look, in football you run the sweep until the defense STOPS the sweep. Democrats are gonna play identity politics until such time as Republicans counter. If Hillary is the nominee (again I don't think that will happen) then you ain't seen nothing yet in terms of "war on women". They will crank up their propaganda machine like a world war. Only Fiorina can take down a woman and have it not look like bullying.
I hate to burst your bubble CW, I like the guy but Rubio ain't happening this go round.

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