Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Agenda for Tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! Internet Radio Program

Here's the plan for tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! Internet Radio Program.  I'll be broadcasting from my hotel room in Arlington, VA, so I hope the hotel high speed internet supports things.  Catch you at 8PM....

·         Arizona Shooting and “The Blame Game”
·         Implications of the Arizona Shooting
·         Whitewashing Huck Finn
·         Tom Delay is going to jail
·         The President’s new Chief of Staff
·         New Chinese fighter test flight as SECDEF arrives

Dial in at 347.637.2203 to call in or to listen on your phone in case you're away from a computer.  Click the link above to listen via the interwebs and to join the chat room.

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"The Hammer" said...

Last pm on the blogcast we talked a little about the new and improved pc version of Huck Finn. I'd like to make a point or two I neglected to make last night. First, my criticism was contingent upon this bastardized version being taught in public schools. I assume the book is in the public domain so if someone wants to make changes to the book, for whatever reason, then off they go. They can do a "Debbie Does Hann's Balls" version for all I care. But if you're going to teach a classic then teach a classic. That's it.

One last thing, CW mentioned he didn't want his 11 years old reading books with this kind of language. I agree, the book ain't some Disney movie about freckle-faced kids. There's a lot of social commentary especially about how Huck and Jim navigate the river (a metaphor?) and the social mores and attitudes of the day. It's an important book that may offend some but so God-damned what? Get over it.

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