Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Sports Roundup

There is no way a 7-9 team should be in the NFL playoffs.

I'll say it again, New Year's Day just isn't the same without the orgy of great college football it used to be.

What happened to the Big 10?


"The Hammer" said...

Big 10 ain't what she used to be. The two Michigan schools weren't even competitive and Wis. lost for the same reason Michigan lost to piddlie-ass little App. State a few years speed.
Wisconsin was a arch-typical Big 10 team. Huge corn fed white boys on the line and lightening fast black boys from Ft. Lauderdale High in the backfield. Unfortunately they played a TCU squad who were well coached and quick top to bottom. Wis. was just a half step slower.

Oh, did the pros play this week?

BigFred said...

Hammer nailed it. TCU's punter? 280 lbs.

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