Friday, January 7, 2011

WaPost Hipsters Think Obama's Not a Man of the Left

Someone called Greg Sargent of the WaPost website writes:  "As I noted yesterday, one problem with the William Daley pick is that it risks reinforcing a totally false interpretation of Obama's first two years: That he governed from the "left."

This I love, that there are folks way out on the left who seriously believe the President didn't govern from the left in his first two years, because he wasn't as left as they are. 

So blaming the electoral "shellacking" on his left wing ideas is (to these people) nonsense, because he obviously wasn't governing from the left.

Get it now?


Goldwater's Ghost said...

Yes, just like the Democrats pasting in November was Bush's fault - according to Nancy Pelosi.

Mudge said...

They live in a world of fantasy where real problems can be solved with hope and other good feelings rather than tough choices, hard work and sacrifice. These collective concepts of struggle are anathema to many who call themselves liberals/progressives. To them, struggle is a thing to be avoided at all costs. If others are struggling, clearly because they are victims of some societal injustice (couldn't possibly be due to one's own decisions), then this injustice must be righted at the expense of those who clearly aren't struggling (couldn't possibly be that those who aren't stuggling really are but because of their lifelong daily struggles, they make struggle look, well, easy). Some actually put their own resources of money, time and energy into addressing the perceived injustice and I respect them for that, although I may disagree with their perception of the injustice. But those who seek to salve their own discomfort at their own misperceptions by using other people's money, time and energies, for them I have nothing but disdain.

Tom de Plume said...

Pelosi was right, the pasting was Bush's fault. People remembered to 4% unemployment rate and sub $2/gallon gas prices during the Bush years.

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