Monday, January 31, 2011

Really? So Now He Has to Apologize Like a Woman Too?

USC lost their basketball game to Arizona State this weekend, 82-73, and their junior forward, Nikola Vucevic, perhaps because of his hour-long close proximity to the team from the "Hate State" Arizona, dared to issue the following self-targeted hate-laced epithet:

"We played like women."

[Mudge Note: my sincerest apologies for using the verbatim quote here. If I have offended anyone, I will repent by watching 5 straight minutes of The View while repeating, "I shall not offend emotionally fragile people, I shall not offend emotionally fragile..."]

So now, according to the LA Times, Vucevic (or one of his handlers) is apologizing while claiming the "I'm from Monteneg...oops...Montepersonofcolor and I speak Serbian" defense.

Okay, fair enough, he doesn't speak English as a first language (does anyone in the USA these days?). But what does that have to do with anything? In fact, why is it that he feels a need to apologize? Seriously, what idiot pulled him aside and told him "Niko, you need to be careful here in this country of free-expression that you came to so you could live free of the kind of political oppression that your parents experienced when their former countrymen were killing one another for speaking their minds about far greater things than how one performed during sport?"

I'll tell you what, get the very best of the best female basketball players, college or pro, and put them against the same Arizona State team to which Nikola and his USC team mates lost, and if the women can do better than USC did against them, I'll apologize for real. Yes, I know a lot of women basketball players, including the team from the ladies' retirement home up county here, could beat me in that sport. But that's me. I know I would have had no issue whatsoever if Nikola had said, "We played like a bunch of Mudges out there tonight." But to be honest, they only lost by 9 points so they didn't really play THAT (bunch of Mudges) bad.

They just played like women.


Sally said...

You are a hoot!

Tom de Plume said...

Maybe he was trying to increase his team's lesbian fan base.

Dan said...

He should have added, "....not that there's anything wrong with that."

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