Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pension Reform In the Peoples Democratic Republic of Maryland

Of the front-line Democrats with whom I have to put these days, very few rankle me less than Martin O'Malley.  In the recent election rematch with Bob Ehrlich, I supported Ehrlich and voted for him--though he never seemed to make a compelling case as to why the voters should eject O'Malley.  O'Malley won in a walk....

And now, trying as the article says--to spend a bit of his political capital--O'Malley is proposing much needed public-sector pension reform.  And my,  has he stirred up a hornet's nest already.   The public sector union goons have already come out foursquare against him.  This should be fun--but I'm of course, on his side.

It's nice to see Democrat governors have to deal with these situations--O'Malley, Cuomo, Brown--all seem to be getting religion on cutting costs, while the new Governor of Illinois seems to want to tax folks into the arms of Indiana and Michigan....

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