Saturday, January 15, 2011

Build The Fence!

I am one an ardent supporter of legal and liberalized immigration policies in the United States.  I believe one of the great strengths of our system is in its ability to constantly refresh itself with new ideas, cultures, and energy.  It sets us apart from virtually all of our economic competitors, and it will be a big part of how we renew ourselves in the decades ahead.

Illegal immigration?  No.  A nation must be able to control its borders and lay claim to its own territory.  This is one of the very basic jobs of government, the quintessential national security task.

It seems our Director of Homeland Security, Ms. Napolitano, is going to cancel the "fence" begun in the Bush Administration.

Would that this were a decision made on cost and effectiveness grounds only.  I fear the fence has fallen victim to the twin crimes of ridiculous gold-plating AND political correctness.

It would be wonderful to hear the Secretary say that such a physical barrier is in the best interests of the country, though this particular version has grown out of control.  But that's not what she's saying.  She says there's "no one size fits all" solution for the 2000 mile border--and I agree.  But a 20 foot fence along the length of the boarder, along with drones and sensors, makes a lot of sense to me.


Anonymous said...

The Egyptians and Israelis seem to be big believers in them.

Mudge said...

What we need is the discovery of an endangered desert gnat habitat along the border, the likes of which is threatened by unconstrained night-time foot traffic. Libs would be ferrying their habitat-for-gnatity tails down to the border in Prius-driven droves to build two fences around the threatened microbeasts.

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