Thursday, January 27, 2011

Men Have the Upper Hand in the Game of Love

Here's a little pre-Valentine's ditty on the latest on sex in America.  A couple of University of Texas researchers have produced a study that validates something I think I've written about here (but can't seem to find in the index), and that is, men simply don't have to "work for it" anymore.  The sexual revolution is over, and men won hands down.  This is why guys in college don't have to "date" anymore--they simply have to be available for a "hook up".  Don't get me wrong--I was single for a long time, and I am grateful for the benefits conferred on me by the Revolution--but there are serious consequences to the way American dating has evolved, and they will be felt for generations to come.

American women are putting off marriage later and having fewer children.  This will invariably have a impact on those demographic groups impacted by these practices.

Because there is a ready population of unattached, single, available, educated women, the average unattached, single, available, educated man has little or no problem finding company--sexual or otherwise--with numerous women.  This of course, puts of any incentive on HIS part to marry, which drives age of first marriage even farther to the right, exacerbating the general fecundity problem.

One of the things I found most interesting in this story is the proposition that women (and the sexual favors that come with them) once practiced "cartel" pricing--but that the pill, the end of the shotgun wedding, and a population of willing women has destroyed the cartel and cut-throat "pricing" is now the order of the day.  It all seems to add up to me.

What's to be done?  I don't know.  Until women begin to feel that a string of deeply sexual relationships that don't lead to marriage is a bad thing, the practice will continue--as there will always be a ready supply of hormonally hyped up bachelors willing to hold up their end of the bargain.  Such a reversal of the sexual revolution seems doomed, irrespective of occasional calls for a new chastity. 

Not that this post is a call for a new chastity.  I'm not gonna pull up the ladder after me fellahs.  Nope.  Not me. 

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