Friday, January 28, 2011

We Get The Government We Deserve

Really disheartening news here from a recent Gallup poll.  We all like to think that the election in November was one that ratified the idea that costs must be cut and that government must be smaller.  Well, in the aggregate maybe, because when you start pinning the American public down on cuts in particular areas, we lose our nerve and begin to act the the government addicts many of us are.

The only politician I see these days swimming against this stream is Chris Christie.  Mark Sanford used to, but he's not a Governor anymore and besides, he's got better things to do


"The Hammer" said...

Sometimes addicts have to bottom out before they get the message. But even still, don't put a lot of credence in these polls. That's just one of the ways the left drives public opinion, with bogus polls. As I've said before, public opinion is what people think other people think.

Frank Luntz had a focus group from Atlanta the other night; all races all colors. They got it. They seemed to have a pretty good handle on the debt problem. They said they were willing to bite the bullet and do what's necessary. Now maybe when push comes to shove many would still vote for Obama out of some sort of ethnic pride. I don't know, God I hope not.

Sally said...

Then the job is twofold and something you've talked about before. The cutting is one thing but the second is convincing people that this is what they want. That's obviously an achieveable goal if Christie's doing it. And Hammer, I saw that Luntz focus group as well - didn't you notice something about all the people who vehemently defended Obama no matter how many questions Luntz put to them?

Dan said...

Looks like Sanford is trying to get to second base with his pointer finger.

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