Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pelosi Galore

Fantastic video here. One friend thinks it is over the top for the RNC to do this {the riff on "Pussy Galore" is evident). What do you think?

Update: A Republican with the vapors agrees with critics.


Mudge said...

Lest their be ANY question, I have not found myself capable of this level of utter disdain for an elected official since Pat Schroder...and she was just horrendously annoying...whereas Mme Speaker is horrendously dangerous. As for your friend who thinks the video is over the top, I find it just the opposite...amateurish, childish, not representative of the professionalism I expect of a party that has had its ass kicked and who needs desperately (and quickly) to get off the bench and back in the game. I do agree that the Rep w/Vap chose over-the-top adjectives for his pandering interview with Politico. But I agree with him that these kinds of videos/ads/etc do absolutely nothing to focus the electorate's attention on a serious misdeed by our Nation's third most senior elected official. In fact, as even the mainstream media has been unable to ignore it completely (even though the Administration certainly has), the last thing we need is for this video itself to become the topic of political discourse and the focus of the likes of Pelosi and her handlers to deflect all attention back at the GoP. And all you need to do is read the replies and comments of the younger voters underneath the video...they don't get it...they think it "sucks" and they think the GoP sucks. They therefore miss the point entirely that this far left elected official who is just two heartbeats away from the Presidency has accused the CIA of lying because she has been accused of lying and her story isn't holding enough water to do even one waterboarding...but leave it to GoP national leadership to fumble this opportunity as well. Hopefully this won't get enough attention to deflect the attention from where it belongs. But I view videos like this the same as I view dances in the end zone when your team is still losing. Childish and severely ignorant of the fact that you are on the losing end of an ass kicking.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

To be fair, your criticism of the video and my other friend's are basically the same.

I considered it effective satire.

polormet said...

Your analogy of this video and dancing in the end zone when you are losing is pretty good.

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