Monday, May 11, 2009

WaPost on White House Correspondents Dinner

Lots of chatter out there about the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, the annual gathering of politics, media and Hollywood (Hollywood more so in Dem administrations than Republican).

The President did a good job, was very funny and seemed relaxed.

Hired talent Wanda Sykes cut the President and others up, and savaged Rush Limbaugh.

No one should be surprised at these things, and people whining about what he or she said should just shut up. It is the nature of the evening.

The line that got me doing a double take though was this one from Chris Cillizza, a WaPost reporter and blogger:

"Democrats in attendance -- and that was the majority of the crowd given the new administration -- largely wrote off Sykes's Limbaugh comment to the sort of good-natured ribbing that is part and parcel of the event."

No Chris...the majority of the crowd was Democrat NOT because of a new administration, but because IT WAS A PRESS EVENT! It is hard not to chuckle when you see something so obvious either completely missed or dishonestly fudged by a writer.


Anonymous said...

Those who "whine" about what is said "whine" because of the double standard on the left.

Soemone sent me a hilarious one concerning Obama's bow to the Saudi King, but since the punch line included a bucket of KFC, well, 'nuff said.

Sally said...

I disagree with your contention that it was the 'nature of the evening.' The nature of this evening is traditionally to roast the President, isn't it? Well, isn't it a little weird that the roasting was of the President's foes?

But to your last comment...if those press people had any shame, the 'you all voted for me' line would not have been met with the applause it got.

Anonymous said...

Those who lacked the good sense to not vote for Obama most certainly would lack the good sense to not applaud their mistake.

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