Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dysfunction in the Obama White House

Ron Suskind--who wrote one of the more important books on the Bush Administration response to 9-11--has a new book out in which he examines the sausage-making in the Obama White House. The story isn't pretty, but I wouldn't go too far with it.

Firstly, I find there to be delicious irony in the complaints of senior women that they were left out of the mix.  How's that diversity thing workin' out for you, Barack?  Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you, ladies.

Secondly though, pretty much every Administration has these kinds of issues.  Let's face it--the folks drawn to White House and Cabinet service aren't a bunch of wilting flowers.  They are strong, ego-driven folks, many of whom sit in their offices convinced of their intellectual superiority to the man that hired them, and just as convinced that his success is dependent upon their brilliance. 

Is anyone surprised Larry Summers is popping off?  I think the guy is brilliant, and I think he's mostly right--but a team player?  Not so much. 

No--Mr. Obama isn't any better or any poorly served by his staffing choices than were Bush I/II, Reagan or Clinton.  He's simply poorly served by his own policy choices. 

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