Sunday, September 4, 2011

UVA 40 William and Mary 3

Coach London getting into it.
Yes I know, William and Mary is in the FCS league (not the FBS league).  But two years ago, they came to Charlottesville and whupped us good.  This year, they came in as the #3 team in the FCS league.  The stage was set for an upset, as Virginia came in as a young and untested team, with a new quarterback and a second-year coach.

No matter.  Virginia controlled this game from both sides of the line of scrimmage throughout.  They were dominating, they were bigger, they were faster, and they executed better.  You expect all of this from and FBS team, especially one playing an FCS team.  Problem is, we didn't always get it in the Al Groh era.  I think we're getting it now, and I have a feeling UVA is on the way up. 

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Anonymous said...

FCS standing for WM really does not matter that much with UVA's sched this year. Hopefully they can take that sound victory and build off of it with the confidence they should have now.

With any sort of luck they will make it through their first seven or so weeks not too dinged up for the slug fest towards the end of their schedule.

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