Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Narcissism on Display

A group photo at the UN. Look at the poor dude on his right. It's not all about you, Barack.


"The Hammer" said...

Jesus, what a collection of losers. Looks like my highschool yearbook.

Mudge said...

Sigh...will you conservatives NEVER learn?! You've got it all wrong, Sally. That dude is supremely fortunate to be standing at The One's immediately adjacent position. Given the fierce competition to win a "dine with Barak" sweepstakes at $5.00 a pop, I wonder what he had to pony up to outbid the others for that premier photo op placement. And I wonder if he took advantage of T1's hand placement to sneak a "kiss the ring" moment.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they allowed so many "people of non-minority status" to serve as backdrops.

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