Sunday, September 18, 2011

Romney and Perry

Today's WaPost has an article on the contrasts between Governors Perry and Romney.  I realize that some might see this as the liberal media dickering, trying to drive wedges into the Republican Party, yada yada yada.  The truth is, the WaPost has it right--if the race comes down to these two men, it will feature two vastly different biographies, two vastly different personalities, and two vastly different approaches to life.  And I couldn't ask for more--this kind of differentiation is what primaries are all about.  The Republican Party will be better off for having had a gloves off primary, and whichever candidate wins will be much more seasoned when the time comes to take on President Obama.

Fred called it a head (Romney) vs. heart (Perry) thing.  Not a bad way to think about it.  Whatever the outcome, we will have a strong candidate.  Let the games begin.

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Anonymous said...

We are suffering the effects of an extended terrible economy due to having an alleged "HEART" in the White House now. It is time for a "HEAD" to lead our once great country.

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