Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is It Time to Cut the Cord with UNC?

For years now UNC athletics has been a cesspool of corruption. From the points shaving scandals of the '60 which led to the demise of the prestigious and beloved "Dixie Classic", to Mack Brown's "academic exceptions" to Butch Davis' professional mercenaries, Carolina has consistently displayed a willingness to flaunt the moral, ethical and legal rules, protocols and conventions, all the while using their network of venal politicians and media flunkies to point an accusatory finger at other institutions. UNC's hypocrisy and vindictiveness knows no bounds.

But this time there is no Bill Friday, NCSU '41, (a man of impeccable intelligence, integrity and accomplishment) to save them. This time there will be no knight in shining armor. This time they are naked before the world.

With the recent expansion of the ACC, my feeling is we don't need Carolina anymore. I say expel them from the league. One rotten apple will spoil the barrel and a rogue university running roughshod over other conference schools that actually have standards, honor and decency, is completely unacceptable.


Uncle Willie said...

Hey "Hammer Man" you got that straight. NC sports have been questionable for a lomg time and they come up smelling like a rose every time.

Joe Pa said...

It's CW's blog and if he wants to bore with a UVA post, so be it. I can't believe one of his guest bloggers would bore us with this, then answer his own post as Uncle Willie.

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