Friday, September 30, 2011

Eugene Robinson is a Fool

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson today takes a break from writing about the racist elements of the Tea Party to bring us the breaking news that Chris Christie is fat, and that his weight is a legitimate campaign issue should he jump into the race.

Robinson pushes back immediately at the suggestion that it just might not be any of his business, because he informs us that the moment Christie stepped into the public arena, it became an issue for all of us. Kind of like Obama's smoking habit. (I remember all those columns in the Post discussing that in 2008, don't you?)

The column delves into the cost and danger of obesity, which is legit I suppose, but I doubt he'd be writing about the obesity 'epidemic' if buzz about Christie wasn't getting louder each day.

Oh-here's a picture of Obama's Surgeon General. Appointed in November of 2009. Eugene must have been busy since that time, because I would think that the introduction of this woman would be a great opportunity to start a national dialogue about obesity.


"The Hammer" said...

I am adamantly opposed to a national dialogue on obesity as well as drunkenness, gluttony or lascivious speech.

Anonymous said...

Eugene Robinson blames racism for the changes in the weather and for the Red Sox recent crumbling finish.

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