Friday, September 23, 2011

The Republicans Debate Again

This one snuck up on me, so I didn't get to advertise live-blogging.  Instead, I sat and Tweeted my thoughts to those who might wish to read them.

Here's a fairly good rundown on the debate from Politico.

Perry just isn't debating as well as I thought he would.  I found his answers on immigration ridiculous, somehow attempting to equate failure to provide taxpayer subsidies to illegal aliens with abandoning people.  His foreign policy answer sounded like he swallowed a briefing book and threw it up.

Mitt was solid, but didn't handle the "Race to the Top" thing very well.

Newt--a gem.

Santorum--whiny, but effecitve

Johnson--a waste

Huntsman--interesting, but plastic.

Cain--a gem too.

Bachman--pretty good answer on religious freedom, at least from history perspective.

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