Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Well folks?  What have you got?  Watching your lead slip away in Iowa?  Worried what happens to your campaign when all your supporters go back to college?  Worried about losing to an ACC team in your Bowl Game?  Step right up and bitch away!


"The Hammer" said...

Ok CW, I'm gonna give you a chance to get well. The UVA / Auburn line is 3 pts. ( I'll give you 6 1/2.

The wager wil be a meal at the World Famous CDH located at highways 40 & 42 featuring a 40 ft bar and 42 brands of beer on tap, from local & regional microbrews to Guiness to exotic Asian lagers. I can personally attest to the quality atmosphere having gotten shitfaced in this establishment countless times. Furthermore the waitresses are friendly, well trained and would provoke a dead man to erection.

Now, if you're scared say so. If you think you're going into some redneck dive, forgetaboutit, Tom (the owner) is from Binghamton, NY. Also, if you just don't care to associate with a half-mad, slightly off putting redneck, that's ok too (and you can f-off!). But if you want to finally talk a little politics without the atmosphere of a God-damned summit meeting, and more importantly you want to show your undying support for your school, then don't pussy out.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

It's a bet.

Beyond Bibb's Store said...

Happy New Year to all!

Hammer and CW: Having lived through the Dark Ages under Bestwick and the demoralizing, hope crushing years of Groh, I've learned not to bet on the Hoos under any circumstances. Cheer,, no.

I'm going to hunt ducks in the morning, then make a pot of venison chili and enjoy the game on the idiot box in the living room. Then, next week we all get to be Wolverines for a day.

Hopefully, football and copious amounts of Buffalo Trace will distract me from the ineptitude of the Republican Party of Virginia. When RPV announced the imposition of a "loyalty pledge" for the March primary, it made me want to drive a railroad spike through my head. I've advocated against Virginia's tradition of no party registration and open primaries for we'll reap what has been sown. Let's hope it snows three feet on primary day to keep the Dems away from the polls, lest Virginia's delegates all go to Ron Paul. Paul is interesting to have around; he helps frame the issues and keep everyone honest. He's also a bit like the creepy uncle no one wants to sit next to at dinner...or put in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, like Binghamton is the culture capital of NY. Binghamton bleeds redneck.

"The Hammer" said...

Never been to Binghamton. All I know about the place is they make McIntosh audio gear there and it's among the best, most expensive stuff around. You could easily drop 20, 30 grand on a stereo. Too rich for my blood by a factor of 10^23 power.

Mudge said...

Hammer - You make Avogadro ~1/6th proud.

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