Monday, December 12, 2011

Jimmy Wires Turns 80!

My Dad turns 80 today, and we feted him in grand style in North Carolina over the weekend.  Dad always referred to himself as a "humble wire peddler", and he taught my brothers and me most of what we know about golf, talking smack on the golf course, the art of playing catcher, and how to grill bluefish--among other very important things.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  80 looks good on you.


Tom de Plume said...

"...he taught my brothers and me most of what we know about golf.."

Very nuanced and appropriate description. For he wasn't the overbearing failed jock of a father who forced golf down our throats (his name on a Club Champions trophy at Burlington Country Club attests to that), nor did he allow us to be spoiled country club kids. One had to prove an independent interest in the game and play a number of rounds on his own before hitting the links with dad.

I never took the time to learn to play the game as I learned it was more profitable to caddy for Jimmy Wires than to golf with him.

Dad said...

I thank family members and friends for a wonderful birthday celebration, especially my wife of 56 years, Julie, who put the whole thing together. Love you all -.


Dad said...

AN ADDED COMMENT - Golf was far from one of better accomplishments and was rather just average. Building a multi-million dollar business from $12,500 of borrowed capital in 1961, educating six children and providing excellent living conditions, overshadowed everything else.

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