Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guns Walk, Holder Balks

Not a fan of Eric Holder. I think he's a hyper-partisan political hack, I think he's a racial chauvinist, and I think his judgement can best be described as imbecilic. His testimony today before Dan Issa's oversight committee tells me two things. 1) Obama has no intention of firing this clown and has told Holder exactly that, and 2) Holder thinks he can ride this out. From a political perspective this is good news for Republicans.

In the upcoming campaign let's make Obama explain why ATF facilitated the purchase of over 2000 assault rifles (some say three times that number) by fraudulent buyers (often times foreign nationals) for the specific purpose of arming organized Mexican drug gangs. And how were we to track these rifles, by the trail of mayhem? Let the President explain away the hundreds of crimes committed on both side of the border, including a dead American Border Patrol agent, perpetrated with these weapons. Let's hear why the Mexican government was not consulted or otherwise informed of this asinine scheme that has resulted in damaged relations between our two countries. Furthermore, what did you Mr. President know and when did you know it? And finally, let's hear why there hasn't been a top to bottom reorganization at DOJ starting with Holder's resignation and possible indictment.

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Mudge said...

This has the fingerprints of gun control nuts all over it. And the 'Gun Control Nut in Chief' is Eric Holder's best friend. With the health care box checked, I have little doubt that the next liberal big ticket item was gun control. No better way to foment the kind of antigun fervor they need to start that debate again than governmental proof that guns sold in the south are making their way to drug lords in Mexico and returning across the border to kill Americans. To what length will a liberal go to commandeer our cherished rights? I'd say a heck of a lot further than Gunwalker. God help us if this crowd gets 1 day more than 4 years in office.

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