Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dead Man Walking Holder and Voter ID

Our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder--under withering pressure generated by the "Fast and Furious" scandal--has come out fighting and decided to choose opposition to state requirements that voters produce some sort of ID before voting as the parapet he will mount.  Check out this piece from National Review Online for a report.  

I went Christmas shopping during the past few days here in the People's State of Maryland, and each time I went to use my credit card, I had to produce some form of ID (as I choose not to sign the back of them).  I complied.

I will later today, attempt air travel via commercial conveyance.  I expect to show ID several more times.

I will check into a room on an Army post late this afternoon--and will be required to show an ID.

Yet when I go to vote next year in the Maryland Republican primary, I will not be asked to show a single form of ID.  Critics of doing so state that requiring an ID is simply a modern poll tax--a way for Republicans to keep largely minority Democratic voters from going to the polls.  Presumably, minority Democratic voters  have a very difficult time getting ID's, even when states sponsor legislation saying that they can obtain them for free as part of the ID legislation.  This is absolute nonsense, and the Attorney General has selected an issue that will serve the President well with a constituency he's already got locked up, while reasonable moderates shake their heads and wonder what the big deal is.  More of this please, Mr. Attorney General. 

Your race to return to the private sector (against Secretary of Energy Chu) just got more competitive.


Dan said...
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BigFred said...

I have been complaining about Holder for three years. Gun-Walker/Fast and Furious is this administrations Watergate, and of course has been largely ignored by the bought and paid for media.

websteramey said...

voter i.d. should be as simple as presenting id for welfare checks or check cashing cards,and let people vote use the same money for voter id to investigate voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Holder contends that all opposition to him and his practices is based on racism. If stupidity and infectivity are now considered a race then I plead guilty as charged.

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