Monday, December 26, 2011

Jonah Goldberg Masterfully Skewers Ron Paul

I've been kinda quiet here on the blog (but not on the real-time debate chats) about my distaste for Ron Paul as a Presidential candidate.  While there are a number of interesting domestic policy ideas in his satchel, his views on foreign and defense policy make George McGovern look like a war-monger.

Jonah Goldberg--a conservative thinker generally well-disposed to Libertarianism--takes Paul out for a spin in this wonderful column.  Here's just a bit for you:

"Paul’s supporters love to talk about how he was a lone voice of dissent. They never explain why he was alone in his dissent. Why couldn’t he convince even his ideologically sympathetic colleagues? Why is there no Ron Paul caucus?"

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"The Hammer" said...

I've always described myself as 80% libertarian. Social issues are important but in all honesty I could care less whether someone has an abortion or two guys (or gals) sleep together. Ain't my bidnez.
Economic issues and national security issues are what concern me and I do agree with Paul much of the time. I love the fact that so many young people are supporters, because they'll eventually grow up to be Reagan Republicans.

But Ron Paul couldn't lead a platoon, much less a country.

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