Sunday, December 11, 2011

Renovation Progress

Had several people ask about the renovation over the weekend, and the plain truth is that it isn't done.  We're close, but then again we've been close for four months.  Some painting, a little carpentry, some electrical work, and then of course, a ton of landscaping remains.

Here's a before and after that shows exterior progress.  Summer's obviously gone, so the two wings are hidden in the before. 
Dec 2010

Dec 2011
Aug 2010


NavyAustin said...

Very nice! Symmetry is such a wonderful quality in design. Like what you did with the entryway, too.

Bryan said...

Looks great, Bryan! I like the dormer windows.

Herbal said...

Nice digs. The dormers look fantastic and the portico looks great. Can't wait to see the May 2012 picture.

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