Thursday, December 29, 2011

WaPost Gets Iowahawked

Iowahawk takes a look at a recent WaPost piece on the Solydra scandal, and it is a gem.  Here's a wonderful bit from it, rightfully criticizing the Post's view of what the "scandal" at Solyndra actually was:

"Look, I have nothing against Linda Sterio, any more than I have anything against a waitress unwittingly employed by an Al Capone speakeasy. I wish her well in obtaining employment. But let's be clear: the scandal is not that she lost her job at Solyndra, it's that she ever had a job at Solyndra. And that she, and countless others, were deprived jobs at legitimate businesses because government sucked $500 million out capital markets to endorse and underwrite the "clean-energy" hustles of its favorite check-writing eco-crooks."


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TigerHawk said...

Typical journalism. Remember all the media whining because the Enron employees saw the value of the stock in their 401ks obliterated, as if they actually lost something? Same stupidity.

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