Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Scorecard--2011; Predictions--2012

It was a dismal year for my predictions--you can see them for yourself here.  Looks like I got exactly ONE of TEN right--predicting that unemployment would be under 9%.  Never one to be dragged down by poor past performance, here are my 2012 Predictions.  I invite my fellow bloggers to post theirs as the spirit moves them.

1.  Mitt Romney will be elected President
2.  Marco Rubio will be elected Vice-President
3.  Republicans will win majorities in both Chambers of Congress as a result of the 2012 Elections
4.  The Presidential Election of 2012 will be notable for its ugliness.  Apologists for Mr. Obama will claim the result was a sign of lingering US racism, forgetting of course, 2008.
5.  My renovation will be completed by the time I write next year's wrapup
6.  The Dow will break its previous high sometime during the year
7.  UVA's Football Team will lose only two games, one of which will be to Va Tech (which will play in the BCS Championship Game)
8.  Israel will be at war with at least one other nation-state during 2012.  The US will provide logistics and intelligence support, but nothing else. 
9.  Scott Brown will lose his Massachusetts Senate Seat
10.Scott Brown will be Mitt Romney's choice for Attorney General


wmbinva said...

Excellent predictions! If you are going to be wrong, no use being timid. Here is my counter list.
1) Massive voter irregularities in Ohio will lead to a Supreme Court ruling in 2012 election
2) Barack Obama will win reelection
3) Joe Biden will insult every American in 5 ways by March 1
4) The MSM will start a weekly tracking of right-wing/Republican racist action by August.
5) Riots in Greece
6) Euro hits 115/$
7) Huge natural disaster wipes of 10s of thousands of poor people in 3rd country (Latin America, exact place TBD)
8) During football season, IMF leaders (think movie, MI4) will 'disavow' that they graduated from UVA
9) In fit of neutrality, NYT will finally admit that Michelle Obama has a huge butt.
10) Facebook IPO will be largest ever until Mark Zuckerberg reveals to be an automatron from 1970s clssic movie, The Thunderbirds
Well, let's see who does better in 2012! Merry Xmas and happy new year!

"The Hammer" said...

I predict gasoline prices will continue their downward trend through next years election. Most economic indicators will improve including unemployment, GDP etc., but it's all smoke and mirrors as our debt will reach critically mass. I predict voter fraud on an unprecedented scale especially in the big union states. I predict war in the Persian Gulf, war in the Sourh China sea and street fighting in Russia. I predict the Euro will collapse and Greece will renounce their debt resulting in a Worldwide financial collapse. Oh yeah, I predict the Packers will win the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

1.Newt will regain momentum and be elected president.
2. Santorum will be VP
3. Republicans will win majorities in both Chambers of Congress as a result of the 2012 Elections.
4.The Obama administration fter increasing the debt from 10 Trillion to 16 Trillion will reduce it to a projected 13 Trillion and tell us what a marvelous job they have done on getting spending under control

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