Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Leopard Can't Change His Stripes

I don't know what Geithner is saying but "hang on fellows, I'm just the messenger" would seem appropriate. Anyhoo, what did I tell you? There is no way on Heaven or Earth the Democrats are going to cut spending. Not a chance.

The Dems sent their economic point man out today to present their "balanced approach". Let's see, $1.6 tril in new taxes, a $50 billion new stimulus (just this year) to be replicated over the next several years and a promise to cut spending later. Yeah right, and I promise to quit drinking and to lay off the stogies.

Even the venerable Washington Post was appalled. By golly they supported Obama's re-election precisely because of his "balanced approach" to the "fiscal cliff". Yeah right, and I promise to quit my Girls Gone Wild Emperor's Club membership and cancel my Russian credit card.

Let's get real and come to terms with the fact that the Republicans will get blamed regardless, but only in the short term. Another recession is inevitable regardless what they monkey together two days before everybody sings winter solstice songs around the Holiday Tree. But long term, and I'm talking a year, maybe two, the folks are going to turn on the Democrats. They screamed another term, we can do it, we just need more time. They pulled a Harry Reid and made Romney unacceptable to enough of the ideocracy to get another go. But there'll be hell to pay if they don't come through, and the hell of it is, that dog won't hunt. They may not know it now, they're not smart enough to be scared, but the Democrats are in deep do do. And our job is to just get out of the way.

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