Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Random Political Thoughts

So, I'm ensconced at my post-election depression hideaway, mostly reading the various Conservative pundits talk about why Romney lost.   I had a nice massage a couple of hours ago, and while it worked a few knots out of my back, there's one still in the middle of my chest. 

Many thanks to the folks who have called today to buck up my's good to have friends.  Don't feel bad if you haven't called (Sally), 'cause I know you feel as bad as I do.

Here's perhaps the best piece I've seen all day on why Obama won.

Apparently, John Boehner feels free of the sea anchor of the Tea Party, and he's going to seize the moment to start working on a deal with the President.  Good on him.  I'd love to see him cut a deal on revenue and spending, for the good of the country.  And then I'd like to see it cost him his job.  Not because I have any particular animus toward him, but I want to start pushing the "Ryan/Rubio" leadership team.  I want Ryan as Speaker of the House and Rubio to replace that fellow from Kentucky...what's his Minority Leader.

I have a feeling both Boehner and Obama feel empowered.  Obama had to walk away from the previous deal because it wasn't enough in revenue for the libs on his team.  He doesn't need them anymore.  Boehner couldn't take Obama's change to the deal (increasing revenue by 50%) b/c of his fear that the caucus might abandon him.  I don't think they would now--his position is strengthened.  I think it is time for a golf game between the Speaker and the President.

You can tell probably that I'm in a mood to solve some problems.  That's one of the reasons i supported Romney--I saw him as a problem solver.  He can't solve them now, so someone is going to have to.  Why not John Boehner?

I talked to my Mom earlier, and she had some incredible perspective.  She was being very gentle and loving with me about my disappointment, and then she said, "can you imagine how Romney feels?"  No, I can't.  But if anyone is grounded enough to get on with life, it is he.

Dems are licking their chops at the prospect of a Republican civil war....I'm not sure they won't get one.

Folks are writing that the D's felt this way after 2004, and then four years later they had Obama.  Good point.  But they also had a party that was in tune with the changing demographics of the country.  We don't.

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Sally said...

That Podhoretz column gets it slightly wrong. Obama is a crappy product, but he had a brilliant marketing team. That team got people to look the other way, to look at anything but his record. It doesn't make O a great politician. It makes him lucky that he hired that particular team a few years ago.

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