Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's on your mind, Bub?  Wishing you were getting that 10 dollars in spending for every 1 dollar in tax hikes deal they teased you with?  Wishing you could wring little Timmy Geithner's neck across the negotiating table?  Pissed you didn't pick up $500M in Powerball?  Well then, share with your friends!

Let it out, don't keep it in. 


Doc Milnamo said...

Since we all can't just drop out of society and move to Galt's Gulch (and of course because GG doesn't exist), I'm beginning to warm to the idea that the GOP members just vote present for every vote. This way they won't be a hinderance thus can't be blaimed by Obama and his ilk. It will suck, it will be painful but eventually most of the idiots who put the Chief Clown back in office may come around - and hopefully before it is too late.

Sally said...

So if I have this right, the Missouri couple who won have had some tough financial times lately, with the Mister just getting back to work after a lengthy layoff and the Missus laid off since 2010.

So why are they spending money on lottery tickets?

Anonymous said...

CW, Love the website!! Thanks for your service in the Navy and thanks for an always thought provoking website!

BTW - read it often, first time commenting.


Anonymous said...

SecNav Mabus names CVN-80 the USS Enterprise. Win.

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