Friday, November 16, 2012

Heaping More Honor on the Jackson Family Name

This story has 1000 degrees of sheer awesomeness.   Jesse Jackson Jr. is the Illinois Congressman who is rapidly becoming the most shameful Jesse Jackson in the family.  He was hospitalized in the spring for depression and bipolar disorder, and has been absent from the House since that time.  That did not stop him from handily winning reelection to his House seat.  (And really, why would it?  To suggest he shouldn't have run, even though he's clearly incapable of showing up for the job, would be raaaaacist).  

Since his hospitalization, he has come under scrutiny for using $20,000 of campaign funds to renovate his house.   There are also questions regarding the source of funds for a $42,000 Rolex the married Jackson purchased for his girlfriend.

But we're not done!  Jackson is now saying he's willing to give up his Congressional long as he receives disability pay.   That pay will be (choke back sob) his only income if he gives up the seat.   No idea why he couldn't get another job (unless a prospective employer might be bothered by his mental disorders, financial chicanery or possible eight-month absences from the job). 

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the room when the decision makers mull over his disability pay request. 

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Mudge said...

You do realize, Sally, that if you keep writing things like this, you will have to undergo twice as much re-education as the rest of us when the transformation is complete. Forward!

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