Sunday, November 4, 2012

Must Be Where West Point Holds Summer Training Camp

Hammer, what's up with this?  I thought North Carolinians used to be tough.

Appears someone tried the ol' loose-some-goats-on-the-rivals'-football-field prank against Burns HS in Lawndale, NC and now that field is being closed for 5 months!

I really don't understand the problem with having goats on the football field...Navy does it all the time.

"Pssst.  Where's the little goat's room? I gotta go real ba-a-a-a-a-d"
Good advice for Burn HS and West Point

Anyway, we can send the good folks at Burns HS a couple boxes  of these pins to remind everyone there to stay off the field.  It always works when we send them to Army--they act like they're about to step onto a minefield whenever the Navy goats are there.  Can't really say I blame our lubberly rivals at the Point but I can't help but think it has  more to do with getting goat-stung than stepping in goat dung. 

Speaking of which, this year on December 8th, Army will meet Navy on the field for the 12th time since Army last won this contest.  In addition to my hope that Navy extends the streak, I'm even more hopeful that President-elect Romney can witness it in person...perhaps one of his top naval advisors could hook him up with some decent seats (even if he IS a Wahoo alum).  So, I guess all there remains to say here is,

"Beat Army"

(any wagers General Dan? Hammer?)


"The Hammer" said...

I had to google Lawndale myself, never heard of it. But I did hear about the goats turned loose on the field. How that's news is beyond me.

Also, I wouldn't wager on Army/Navy as I have no idea how good, or more to the point how bad these teams are. And, as you well know I think officers are just somewhat educated, pencil pushing dimwits, generally speaking. And the worst come from the service academies. But if you hear of any Army/Navy enlisted men playing football let me know.

Mudge said...

I could have written that response myself, with the exception of having to google Lawndale. Still, this game is rarely about who has the best team--it's who has the most heart. But I can understand your fear of putting some $$ up for your Service. Maybe General Dan can generate some enthusiasm for Army this year. Any other takers?

Anonymous said...

Mudge, you are on.
Army already drew first blood. In case you missed the recent Flight Test Integrated - 01 (FTI-01) held at Kwaj a couple of weeks ago.
Army: 3
Navy: 1 (would have been 2, but one sailed "Wide Right.")

- General Dan

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