Sunday, November 4, 2012

College Football Review, Week 10: The Hammer Eats Crow

I guess I had it coming. The first rule in sports is you don't tempt the Gods and when it came to the University of Virginia Cavaliers I have been merciless. CW's Alma Mater gave my beloved Wofpack a thrashing for the ages. The Wahoos came out in a previously unseen cover-4 defense designed to take away the long ball and the sidelines but is vulnerable to the run. Not to worry, obviously State can't run the ball finishing with just 19 yards on the ground. This result was very disconcerting considering UVA has been easier to score on than a Florida State coed giving up 56 points to Georgia Tech and 44 points to Duke. But State would be having none of that contributing 5 turnovers, 5 sacks and 8 dropped balls to UVA's balanced effort of 198 yards passing and 248 on the ground. All in all a well played football game by the Wahoos and a pathetic display by the Pack.  

Of course the big game was Alabama traveling down to Tigerland to take on LSU. The history of these two schools especially in the last couple of years has been, how will I put this(?) Ali-Frazieresque. And last night's game did not disappoint. Alabama won a National Championship last year after losing to LSU in the regular season and beating them in post season, and you know LSU was looking to return the favor. In my pre-game analysis I gave LSU the psychological edge but unfortunately for the Tigers the game isn't played on Sigmund Freud's couch. But this game was a classic the Bear would be proud of. Alabama blew a 14-3 halftime lead and had to stage a 90 second length of the field drive to secure the 21-17 win. What a game! They both deserved to win but Alabama performing in undeniably the toughest stadium in the country against a championship caliber football team and getting the W like they did, all I can say is WOW!

In other games Notre Dame got by Pitt (they always play the Irish tough), K-State won again but they lost their QB to injury, Oregon beat Lane "The Wonderboy" Kiffin's USC squad (this guy is much better at self-promotion than coaching, he's the Barack Obama of college football) and my favorite team out west, Boise State lost to San Diego State.

I want to briefly mention an undefeated school that's coming in under the radar, the Louisville Cardinals. They went 9-0 yesterday defeating Temple 45-17. Now I know they play in the Big East and their schedule ain't exactly big time, but they have beaten Carolina, Pitt and South Florida. And even if they go undefeated they're not getting anywhere near a big bowl game, but this is a good football team and well worth keeping an eye on.

Well that's it. Oh, a personal note. Congratulations to CW's sister who ran her first half-marathon this morning for cancer research. It's good to know somebody in that family has a little quality to them.

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