Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Hammer's College Football Review: Week 11

I have to tell you, after this week I'm not really into reviewing college football or anything else. I can't eat, I'm drinking too much, not doing my homework with the wife (and I ain't talking math), it's just been a crappy week. Like everybody else I was watching the tube Tuesday night and it wasn't looking good, so I just changed the channel to watch something else. But then they broke in to report what in my heart of hearts I already knew, Justin Bieber had just broken up with Selena Gomez. People Magazine had just confirmed it! My God, I was apoplectic. I couldn't watch another second of Housewives of New York. I took a pill and went straight to bed.

But life goes on so let's get started. Above is a photo at last night's Auburn/Georgia game in which the Tigers lost 38 zip. You know how it is, some teams you just like, others not so much. I'm not really an Auburn fan but I feel their pain. And boy they are painful to watch.

Speaking of losers, Tennessee, which by the way owned NC State first game of the year, lost to the Missouri Tigers in 4 overtimes. Mizzou was down 2 td's at halftime and tied the game with seconds to go. In the 4th OT, Tenn had the ball  4th and 3 on the Missouri 18 yd. line and elected to go for it. WRONG! The Tigers took over, kicked a field goal, game over.  UVA grad, lawyer and Volunteer Coach Derek Dooley (son of Vince, nephew of Bill...I feel like I'm talking about a Crusader) was on the hot seat prior to the game. Look for him at Edinboro College next year.

But the big news was the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide getting their asses handed to them by Texas A&M. The Aggies freshman quarterback looked like Fran Tarkenton and frustrated the vaunted Bama defense repeatedly. But in my view the game was lost in the trenches. A&M controlled the line of scrimmage all day. The Tide had first down goal to go and couldn't get it in (sorta like me when I drink vodka). Tough loss, goodbye national championship, hello Meineke Car Care Bowl.

Texas Tech had a double overtime win over KU and that's no biggie, but Red Raiders coach Tommy Tuberville got pissed and slapped hell out of an assistant coach. Not WWF slap but he did knock his hat and headset sideways. Not too cool brotherman. Coach is going get some constructive criticism for this.

Louisville lost convincingly to Syracuse but nobody really thought these guys were all that anyway, good team but come on. UVA looked good against Miami and it was an exciting game to watch. Coach Mike  London came out dressed in military fatigues in honor of our veterans, which was a nice touch. I'm sure they were Army fatigues as Marine fatigues have the zipper in the back. State beat Wake (as if you give a shit), Ga. Tech had a shootout win over The Baby Blues 68-50 and Southern Miss is 0-10 (I guess they miss Larry Fedora).

Well, it's shaping up as Oregon vs. either Kansas State or Notre Dame for the big one. Everybody is saying Kansas State but the Irish ring the cash register so I ain't so sure. Regardless, the Quack Attack will be tough to beat. So, as the famous DJ Charlie Tuna use to say "Stay Tuna", and have a better week than last.


Anonymous said...

Week after week you continue to bore with this crap. Why do you continue to drone on about the ACC? They are one step ahead of the MAC.

"The Hammer" said...

I don't disagree Anon but CW is a Virginia guy and I'm a State guy so there you go. But gee, I do talk about the national picture a lot and throw in some obscure stuff on occasion.
And I disagree the ACC is " step ahead of the MAC." I don't think they're that good.

Mudge said...

Week after week you apparently keep reading it, Anon. Did someone tell you it is cumpulsory reading? Go ahead, be bold. When he posts next week and every fiber of your soul is straining to read it, go anti Nike and just don't do it.

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