Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why I'm NOT a Republican, Reasons Number 3,486 and 3,487.

Rand Paul thinks we're being mean, especially with this voter id obsession thingy. 
"Everybody's gone completely crazy on this voter ID thing," Mr. Paul said in an interview. "I think it's wrong for Republicans to go crazy on this issue because it's offending people."

Wow, wouldn't want to do that, you know, like OFFEND somebody! After all voting and elections are no big deal, so WTF, come one come all.
Sorry Senator Paul, I've had my quota of bullshit this week and I have to ask, were you drunk during this interview? Did some janitor catch you at the office sunk to the gonads in some UK cheerleader hottie? Because I'm confused. You were singing a different tune a few months back when you stood up before a bunch of pre-emergent Eric Holder types at Howard University and declared voter id laws good and righteous. You showed real courage, so what's up now?
Well somebody is going crazy but it ain't us. Here's an interesting graphic that may shed some light on the problem from just one minor Redneck state down South that nobody cares about. 
These are registered North Carolina voters compared to registered voters in other states with the same first and last names and the same birth dates. Now of course some will turn out to be legitimate, I would guess a percentage or two, but that leaves 30,000 plus who are potentially double voting in more than one state, and remember this is only ONE state. What would these number look like nationwide I wonder?
I've always maintained that voter fraud accounts for 5% or more of election totals nationwide. But Senator Paul thinks it's much ado about nothing. But not to worry, if the Republican leadership gets its way amnesty will make the point moot, after our new citizens hit the polling booth the next "conservative" you see elected will be only at the local level. You see they'll have to keep some Republicans hanging around for show.  Good bye Constitution hello California!  

Good Lord, what have we here? Mitt Romney, CW's Numero Uno Fair Haired Boy (it's been rumored there's a poster of Mitt in CW's "mancave" dressed in ... eh, ...well... swimsuit attire). Anyway, Mitt thinks raising the minimum wage is a fine idea, so let's get it done! I tend to agree, and while we're at it let's make the fahrenheit/celsius/kelvin (you name it) temperature scales variable. An insane idea you say, well hold your horses bucko. Think about it, no more global warming, climate change bullshit, no more squawking about it's too hot or cold. Now, granted we have to keep it within reason, maybe a ten degree sliding scale, otherwise it all becomes too much, but within reason, hey it's all good. 
So, here's how it'll works. Wake up on a freezing cold January morning and it's 24 degrees outside (by the OLD thermometer). The kids are bitching and the wife is worried about icy roads. PRESTO CHANGO, it's now 34 degrees outside so shut the hell up woman the roads are fine, and while you're out stop by the nursery and pick up some tomato plants for the garden this year.
See how it works? It is what we say it is. Mitt Romney is a Goddamn genius!

That's all I got, so piss off.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer, let's face it. You aren't a Republican because you are a dyspeptic redneck who doesn't wish to be politically associated with those who don't believe exactly as he does. Rand Paul can hardly be considered one of those vile "establishment" Republicans you're always spouting off about, yet you are able to find something in his political philosophy with which to disagree (as do I). That's kind of the point of a party though--you get a bunch of people together with whom you "generally" agree and you try and move a governing philosophy forward. I don't like Mitt's view on the minimum wage and I don't like Rand Paul's view on a ton of things. What I do know is that I am unaware of a single national Democrat that I would rather see as President than either of those men--or Cruz, Santorum, Bush, Walker, Rubio, Jindal, et al. Not one.

"The Hammer" said...

What does "dyseptic" mean?

"The Hammer" said...

Look CW I take your point, but party discipline means something too. Many of the Republicans, did I say many(?), hell most of the Republicans wouldn't know party unity or staying on message if their friggin' lives depended on it. Most are constantly shooting themselves in the foot, repeatedly, time and time again.
For example, Boehner just said on Sunday that the House won't use its power of arrest on Lois Lerner. Why the --ck would he do that? Why? It's absolutely God-damn incredible that you would take the pressure off some NAZI bitch whom you want to talk and give evidence, but some genius in the Republican Party thinks it's a good idea to give her an out. Plus the IRS scandal is a big as they come and everybody knows it. Hell Nixon only brainstormed about using the IRS and the Democrats went wild slinging subpoenas at everybody in the White House!
My friend this is the kind of timid loser shit guys like Reagan and Gingrich had to overcome, and when they did we got freedom, prosperity and strength. What we have now is snooping, depression and weakness...and everybody on this planet knows it. Part of the problem is the Republican Party establishment, and you know in your heart of hearts that is so CW.
Sorry brother, I'm on the team but the coaching staff has got to go.

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