Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama And Holder Are Outsmarting Themselves

Ok, so some genius in the Obama Administration (probably the man himself) thought it would be a great idea to open the borders, after all the future of this country doesn't rest in the hands of American kids but "dreamers". As a result, according to reports, we are getting the kitchen sink of human refuge including cartel gangbangers. There's must be a reason for all this.

Let me make a couple of assumptions. I will assume Obama is getting pressure from the Hispanic organizations who are most likely threatening to stay home come the midterm. I will also assume that Obama, being a Kim Philby type (having been raised for the most part outside the country by a rabidly anti-American activist, speaks like an American and is culturally a good approximation of an American but is in fact NOT really an American) doesn't care one wit about the country and is actively working for "change" (in this instance the end of the white European power structure). From Obama and Holder's perspective anything and everything that contributes to that goal is to be pursued and unlimited Hispanics immigration fits the bill just fine. The brown people's history is after a generation (if it takes that) they go from the hard working third worlders "do anything for a buck" to a gangbanging dependent class more than willing to bleed the host country dry, after all, everything the gringo has he stole.

But there's a problem. O&H view Hispanics as just another coalition partner along with unions, gays, Islamists (yes it's true) etc., but they aren't. After Whitey looses control do blacks think we're all going to be this big multicultural hodgepodge of sweetness and light? If the day comes when Hispanics are a majority in California or Arizona, what do you think the prospects will be for African Americans in those states?

Maybe B&H haven't thought this through. They love shaking the tree but haven't a clue where the leaves might fall, and let me just say this with total confidence, if Hispanics gain control of the SouthWest they will fall on blacks first. Hispanics have very little love for blacks, and they suffer none of the guilt we white Americans have by the boatload. As far as they are concerned they're just reclaiming their own land and I doubt the Al Sharptons or Rev. Barbers of the world will be tolerated for one damn second. In fact, civil unrest like we've never seen before will inevitably be the outcome...and I'm talking massive loss of life and destruction.

Americans are spoiled. As Bismarck said, we're a world power with two weak nations and two oceans for borders, about as good as it gets. But the America haters are more than willing to import our problems. O&H had best watch out, once something like this gets rolling it's hard to stop and they could be importing their own doom.


Pancho Itayxa Villa said...

The Progressives want their Cloward-Piven revolution? Viva el revolucion.

Tubby said...

What you fail to mention is that, at the end of the day, the real loser will be the African American female. The junior varsity black male who just doesn't have what it takes to score a Kardashian wannabe will now gravitate to the surge of Latinas on the market.

Don Twannaskank said...

Heh, what it takes to score a Kardashian (actual or wannabe)? If I DO have what it takes, I wonder if I can get it removed under Obamacare.

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