Monday, July 28, 2014

America's Obama Buyer's Remorse

News of polling this weekend indicating a sense of buyer's remorse, in that in a head to head, Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama.  Interesting, but irrelevant.  Our system has no "do overs".  That said, we are watching the Obama Presidency unravel and there is growing affinity/wistfulness for Governor Romney.  Big Brother Jim continues to believer Mitt will run....and win.  I'm not sure of either.  Polling elsewhere indicates Romney loses to Hillary--though Hillary is having her own issues right now.

The normal apolitical Kitten laid it out pretty squarely for me the other night.  In her mind, the Republicans should nominate Romney, and Romney should announce very, very early in the process, his running mate.  The Kitten insists the path to victory is for that running mate to be an EXCEPTIONALLY WELL QUALIFIED woman.  When I mentioned Condi Rice, she pounced on it.

I say all this because The Kitten doesn't swim in the same cesspools of politics that I do.  She's moderate, centrist to liberal, but often votes Republican.

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Tubby said...

The Romney v Obama poll cited was interesting. I have had to step back and consider that Hussein's low approval numbers also include those on the left who are pissed off becasue he hasn't screwed things up even worse than he has.

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