Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's got you down, Chum?  Did a craven attack on a civilian airliner get in the way of your fundraising?  Are you forced to lay off 18,000 people a week after publicly advocating for increased immigration?  Share your pain, friends.

After ballooning to 191.6 on vacation, a week of moderate eating and exercise has me down to 187 today.  Brother Tom has continued to provide both an excellent example of the benefits of diet and exercise and of the need for more effective psychotropic drugs to control personality disorders.  And yes, Tom, I do believe that my propensity to post a timely BFFFFA is correlated with weight loss that week.

I'm working with a bunch of "young gun" right of center defense and foreign policy types in DC today and then carousing with them a bit in the early evening. Rather than fight the beachgoers all the way to Easton, only to get up at the crack of dawn for my drive to the ancestral center of the McGrath order (North Crack-a-lina), I shall hole up for the night in a posh spot in NoVa for a pittance after having redeemed stay points.

Heading down to see Ma and Pa, the former having turned a sprightly 79 on Wednesday.  I'm rolling through the Capital of the Confederacy in the AM, there to accumulate the spawn of younger brother Patrick, the artist formerly known as "Goldwater's Ghost".  Young Liam and Emma will be at brother Tom's house with their parents for a visit, and then I'll convey them down for a longer visit with their sainted grandparents.  I do hope they won't mind my propensity to blog at 100 mph.

Be well, friends.  Be well.


"The Hammer" said...

Tom de Plume said...

Two separate, unrelated conversations yesterday and in both, the term "Obama bounded up to the mic"maws used. Upon viewing, it is obvious that Smilin' Bob's Messiah is delighted that the Malaysian Airlines tragedy will push his border clusterduck off the front pages for a few days.

On another big story, has anyone ever purchased anything manufactured in Gaza? I attend medical conferences and there are always several Israeli medical product manufacturers present. I know the Palestinians destroyed the manufacturing infrastructure when they took over, much the way public housing residents destroy their own buildings. But have the Palestinians built any new roads, or does all their construction effort go into tunnels? Is there even a Gaza located T-shirt factory that produces the Che or "Hope and Change" shirts for the American hipster crowd?

"The Hammer" said...

Phone conversation overheard in the West Wing

Paul? This is Valarie. Look I wanted to...
What? Yes I know but there's no way they can blame that on us and besides a plane crash is good for two or three news cycles at least so it's all good.
Yeah, that too. It'll take the Israelis a couple of weeks to clean up Gaza so we're good for probably a month anyway. Issa must be shitting! Ha ha ha.
Listen, what I wanted to talk about was that asshole Dick Cheney. It's no big deal on Fox but Jake Tapper had him on YOUR network the other day and we can't have it. What we want is a "knock down" piece by know what I mean.
Well good, we'll talk to our friends and get you a check cut but we want to see it first. Just to be clear, we want blood flowing from his eyes, none of this "we disagree here's our argument" bullshit, ok?
Excellent, I knew we could count on you. Stop by next week for lunch, I want to talk about some things for '16. You haven't locked in with Hillary yet have you? Oh please! Sounds like you haven't thought this through but we'll talk about it. OK...gotta run hun.

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