Friday, February 6, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free for All

Aw, what's the matter Scout? Your President equate the evil acts of modern religious terrorists with thousand year old medieval events?  Did your puppies eat an entire tray of fudge, requiring yet another trip to the vet? Share friends, share.

Although the diet is not being put aside during my convalescence, weighing myself is.  I'm hoping this period of confinement helps things along, but I don't see weighing myself until I am rid of this ridiculous compression machine I wear around my neck, a la "Flavor Flav".  The other thing that's pissing me off about it is that its little "Compliance" graph says I'm at 80%  This is utter bullshit, as from the time I came home from the hospital on Tuesday until this moment, I have had it off for 2 entire hours.  Someone will hear of this.  Perhaps a sternly worded letter of complaint!

Yesterday's trip to the Physical Therapist was fine--not as bad as it could have been, but a little painful here and there nevertheless.  The PT did tell me that I already have more motion in my left hip than I previously had, which is nice.  Just a hell of a lot of pain with certain motions.  I return to GTMO Det Easton this morning for another round, and will likely follow up with some on my own later this afternoon in my sickroom.  Yesterday's morning session took a lot out of me, as it created the requirement for a two hour afternoon nap.

I have a ton of work piling up, but I'm sticking to a "one week/no work" policy.  It feels a bit lazy (it is), but one must have standards. I received a nice bouquet of flowers yesterday, with a mylar balloon festooned with smiley faces and a card saying only "MCG".  I know not from whence it came, but I am grateful nonetheless.  Also, my high school buddy (and vivacious mega-fox) Stephanie Wilson sent me a Taylor Swift video, to feed my unhealthy obsession.  Stephanie was among the more centered, intelligent young women with whom I grew up, so her stoking of this unhealthy habit some 35 years later is worthy of questioning.

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