Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Recovery Begins

It is nearly 0730 on Wednesday, my surgery proper having been completed some 46 hours ago.  I am at my trusty laptop in the little nook I created in the bedroom, and have been here for about two hours.  The Kitten sprung me yesterday at about 2PM, and I have moved between my bed, my comfy chair, and this desk in that time.

I feel a little like I've been hit by a left leg is very stiff and there is a good bit of soft tissue pain, but it is nothing like what I had 7.5 years ago when I did the right leg.  The physical therapist came by 4.5 hours after my surgery was complete on Monday to take me for my first walk around the Joint Clinic floor, and then I had another walk around dinner time Monday.  Dinner was not a successful evolution, as I had only a few bites before surrendering them along with copious amounts of water into the handy bucket that was close-by.  I dozed in and out until 0330 on Tuesday, awakened occasionally by some member of the medical staff who wished to assess my vital signs or relieve me of some of my blood.

It is clear that this "anterior" procedure is less dramatic than the posterior.  I'm moving around fairly well (with a walker), though the in and out of bed move remains a bit of a pain.  I have two sets of Physical Therapy to undergo today, but I'll wait until the Kitten returns from her morning labors, as I do not wish to get stuck on the ground in some awful configuration.

Six months from now, I will delighted to have taken this on--right now, just feel a little awful.  Not horrible, mind you, but a little awful.

Enough of being a slave to this computer, I'm going to go and have a set in my comfy chair and watch some mindless TV.

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