Thursday, February 5, 2015

Update from the Sickroom

Had a pretty good day yesterday, though it declined in quality as the evening wore on.  My wound seems to be "leaking" a little more than I'd like, but it still has not consumed over 75% of the bandage so I am told not to worry.  The first formal post op physical therapy happens this morning, and I anticipate it being a tad bit more rigorous than my home regimen yesterday.

At some point, The Kitten added a bunch of premium channels to our DirecTV package, and now there are some 50 channels of movies to choose from at any one time.  It is AMAZING how often there is nothing on those channels I wish to watch.  I did watch "The Longest Day" about the Normandy invasion yesterday, but mostly just wandered among countless bits of programming that did not appeal to me in any real way.

One of the little bothers of my current state is the requirement to fight blood clots.  This is often done with drugs and compression socks, but my doctor does it with a system of legsleeves and a compressor known as The ActivCare System.  You can watch a video here.  I am required to wear this little bugger 22 hours a day, and as you might be able to discern, it can be a bit of a pain--especially when sleeping.  I also get to wear the compression socks, which are a bear to take off and put on.

My dogs, with whom I gambol and frolic every day, cannot understand why I am keeping them at a distance.  They are very disappointed in not getting their daily "two minutes of love" in which we romp and wrestle as a way of greeting each other in the morning.  Soon, I hope.

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"The Hammer" said...

Hang in there CW, rehab sucks!

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